PICASSARES: Tribute to Picasso

One day in 2010, I was walking through Madrid with my friend and great poet José Miguel Molero Cid.

We were talking about the great Masters of Art and who have been and continue to be our references.

While I never stopped talking about Paco de Lucía and Camarón de la Isla, he did the same with Miguel Hernández and Pablo Neruda. In a moment of that conversation, the name of the GENIO came out: Pablo Picasso.

We were near the Reina Sofia Museum, when José Miguel asked me: “Have you ever seen Picasso’s Guernica,” referring to the original, of course.

I answered no and we entered into the museum with a single objective, to see the Guernica. Before entering the room where “THE WORK” is located, José Miguel covered my eyes, placed me in front of the painting and after a few seconds of waiting he removed his hand and… it was simply impressive.

It was from that moment when the “Guernica75” show was born, which later would lead to this work, which you have decided to enjoy.


“Picassares” is a humble way of thanking a fellow countryman for the impact and changes that his work and his geniality have brought to my music.

I thank with all my heart all the people, including you, who have boarded the boat of my “picassian madness”, and who continue rowing with all their strength to continue sailing the Oceans of Art.

2015 is a very special year for Daniel Casares, who, at 34 years old, will be 25 years old in music.

For this commemoration, the one who was one of the children prodigies of the flamenco guitar, today presents us his 6th album and new show: Picassares. A record that has been developed for just over a year and that rescues its most flamenco essence.

In it, Daniel Casares brings real luxury collaborations as Dulce Pontes, Miguel Poveda, Lulo Pérez (musical producer of Alejandro Sanz), Adam Ben Ezra, Antonio Martínez Ares or Rubio de Pruna (back singer of Paco de Lucía).

The inspiration, as can be seen in the title of the album, is his fellow countryman from Malaga, the painter Pablo Picasso, for whom he feels great admiration and love for his work. It is well known that Picasso was also in love with flamenco and especially with the guitar.



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