Sweet PONTES – Piano and Voice



That music is universal and conjugates especially well with the verb to share is proven by this new project where the Portuguese singer Dulce Pontes, to celebrate her 30 year musical career, meets two friends who are also celebrating identical years of roads, flights, stages and concerts: the multifaceted guitarist from Malaga Daniel Casares and the Cuban fantasy of the double bass player Yelsy Heredia. An elegant show, simple and bright, that emerges from the best and most successful of the Portuguese diva’s repertoire, spiced up for the occasion with a good handful of songs by various composers, who, little by little, through a careful distillation process, have stripped them of the superfluous prose to manage to touch the poetic soul of each piece until they become their own:

This show is the result of a process of purification, where they try to offer the song with the essential elements to reach the essence of the first emotion in which they are composed: to evoke the brightness of sincere friendship, the fleeting but intense encounters in the improvised rehearsals, in the outings before the big concerts or in the endless nights of laughter, confidences and happiness. That will be the fate of the spectator who, from his or her seat – if he or she can resist sitting – will feel like an accomplice at every moment of the journey and will feel it as an intimate and unforgettable performance.