Daniel was born in Malaga in 1980, at the known neighborhood of the limonar

Daniel Casares, was born with an original talent and this is demonstrated by his guitar, which sounds original, distinct, with a proper personality of its own, reflecting that internal fury, which unleashes powerfully on his strings.

Daniel Casares’ professional career is premature. With only 13 years old, he participates in the recording of the group album, “A la Guitarra de Estepona”.

At the age of 16 he was awarded with the prestigious Bordón minero de La Unión, becoming the youngest guitarist getting that award. In addition, he won the national guitar prize of Jaén and opened the path for him to record his first album “Duende Flamenco” that same year, although it would not be published until 1999, when he was 19 years old.

His musical intimacy is intimately linked to “Maestro Juanito Valderrama”; the album “Don Juan” recorded live at the Festival Flamenco de La Unión (Murcia) is proof of this.

The lyric world has also been able to enjoy Daniel Casares, since mezzo-soprano Cecilia Bartoli asked him to accompany him, as a guest artist, on his European tour, a tribute to María Malibrán.

In terms of awards and recognitions, Daniel Casares was named “Musical Revelation” of 2005 in New York, awarded by the association of show chroniclers ACE. In 2010 he was chosen by an international delegation to represent European culture at the media presentation gala at the international exposition in Shanghai.

There are countless collaborations of Daniel Casares with other artists, from other worlds of artistic and worldly culture. He has collaborated live, with renowned figures such as Alejandro Sanz, Miguel Poveda, Dulce Pontes , Pasión Vega, Toquinho, Antonio Orozco, José Mercé, etc … Thanks to those collaborations, Alejandro Sanz became the editor of his 5th album “El ladrón del agua”.

At the moment, he collaborates live and giving music to some of Dulce Pontes and Miguel Poveda records.

In July 2014 he launched “La luna de Alejandra” with the  Philharmonic Orchestra of Malaga, his first symphonic work for guitar and orchestra. Orchestrated and directed by José Miguel Évora. In 2015 he adds to his symphonic repertoire the “Concierto de Aranjuez” by Joaquín Rodrigo, playing it in at the same concert with his work “La luna de Alejandra”. On November 13, 2015, he performed this concert in the Church of Our Lady of Candelaria in Rio de Janeiro, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the work of Joaquin Rodrigo.

Daniel, with his flamenco and symphonic proposals, attends the best guitar, jazz, flamenco and worldmusic festivals every year.

On the 13th of November of 2015 he presents PICASSARES, his 6th album, in which he brings back his flamenco skills paying tribute to the painter Pablo Picasso. In this album of 10 tracks, has real luxury collaborations, as representing the death of Picasso with the amazing voice of Dulce Pontes, with lyrics by Antonio Martínez Ares.

There is also a collaboration with the Israeli double bass player Adam Ben Ezra and one of the singers of Paco de Lucía in his last performances, Rubio de Pruna, giving his voice to some fandangos. Miguel Poveda, appears in the bonus track of the album, which is an unpublished version of the song “Prefiero amar” by Luis Eduardo Aute.

 National Guitar Award “Bordón Minero”.

at the “XXXVII Festival del cante de las minas de La Unión” (Murcia), being the youngest guitarist toget the price at the age of 16.

2005 “Musical Revelation” Award in New York

granted by the association of chroniclers of N.Y. shows. (A.C.E).

Named the best artist of the year at 2005, “Miguel Acal” award.

awarded by the Association of Flamenco Critics and Researchers (A.F.C.A.F.).

 National Guitar Award

at the “Hospitalet de Llobregat” competition (Barcelona). Year 1999.

National Guitar Award

in the “I National Guitar Competition of Jaén”. Year 1996.